Yoga Styles

Which way are you bending?

Many different types of yoga are practiced throughout the  world. Some practices are dedicated to one style, while others are a mixture of many different styles joined into a unique blend. It is interesting to find out which style of yoga you are practicing, and the different methods behind it.  Most of the styles I personally can not pronounce, and I’m not making them up! So dont be intimidated by the names, this is only the beginning!

. . . . . Styles . . . .

Hatha –

Founding Style of yoga. Most all styles of yoga poses can be labeled as hatha.

Ashtanga –

This type of yoga is  usually made up of strengthening poses.  In the beginning there are mostly sun salutations and always having a fast paced flow. Chaturangas and arm strengthening  poses are common as well.  Your breath is important , as in any yoga style so the poses incorporate your breath into them.   Ashtanga poses are a bit challenging  and may hold for longer than another type of yoga.

Vinyasa –

Vinyasa is a practice that syncs up the yoga poses with the breath. The practice will focus a lot on your breath and will have a lot of variations of poses rather than the same poses repeated. There are sun salutations and some balancing poses as well. This is a great practice for people who like to be challenged with keeping up with the different poses! The term ” take a vinyasa”  can be found in these classes

Yin –

The Chinese and meridian style of yoga. A slower paced class that focuses on deeper stretching. These types of poses are meant to engage your muscles in preparation  for meditation.  These poses reach the connective tissue that can enhance the flow of the prana or energy.

Hot –

Towels and water is a must! A heated room where the flow is usually vinyasa/asthanga infulenced and you will sweat! The heat gradually loosens your muscles which will help increase your ability to do the poses.

Bikram –

This is a very intense form of yoga, prepare to sweat, sweat and sweat some more. Rooms are usually heated to about 105º and there are many different poses and breathe exercises.  Half are standing, half are on the floor.

Restorative –

This style of yoga is targeting for healing and more gentle poses.  Allows the focus to be on the body as the poses are not as hard  and strenuous. This style of yoga will allow you to come into a deep relaxation. Poses are slow and props like blankets, straps, pillows and bolsters are used to help you “sink” into the pose.



Acrobatics meets yoga. This style of yoga is done with a partner and with trust. Support from your partner will put you into poses in the air and defying gravity.


Jivamukti –

A mix of  yoga poses with music, chanting,teachings and meditation. This is also an activist lead  style.



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