Tomorrow I start my Yoga Teacher Training with World Peace Yoga, and I could not be more excited.  I have been waiting for this day for many years.   I am so thrilled and ecstatic beyond words!   I will be keeping tabs and notes on here  for myself mostly to refer back to.   There will also be tips of the day and special pictures!   woo ;  )

First Day!

The Tip of the Day:“We can practice yoga without actually practicing an asana which is the physically poses we do.  You can practice the lifestyle of breathing and encountering peace throughout our everyday life and still be practicing yoga”. – Anna Ferguson.

Day Two

The Tip of the Day:  Yoga means union or yolk and to be interconnected with oneself.


Yikes, well my intention was to keep this updated, SO I will start from present time.

This calender of keeping track and up to date has escaped me. I  am so thankful to be in this trainng. I am sad to see the end near.

Day:  Too Many To  Count! 5/23/12

I will be certified in a few weeks, and not only will I be certified but I will have a yoga family and a second home at the studo.  This training has had such a great impact on my life. Its truly something I hold dear.   Something great happens when you get a room full of passionate, friendly, peaceful and loving people together!  I have made the best of friends there and intend to keep them close to me!    Yoga On!

Tip:   When doing adjustments on people in poses, start from where their body meets the earth and work from that connection.


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