Meditation Revolution

As the start of a new practice with meditation is beginning, I feel myself yearning for the special time I set aside every week for my teacher training, that time is precious time that is not so easily made now. 

I signed up for the Meditation Revolution with Yoga Journal, and I am excited to start this.

I have practiced mediation before, and I love love love guided meditations.  There is something so peaceful about getting lost in someones guiding voice.  I just finished the first day of the meditation practice, and it feels great to start this on my own and to be inspired again.

Tips to start your own Mediation Practice:

•Set aside a clear and personal space for you to practice in

•Allow your self time to settle in, and also come out of the meditation. 

•Getting use to not fidgeting is the hardest part. ( Your legs WILL go numb) 

•Allow yourself to think of your thoughts, and not ignore them. Let them go soon enough, and with your breath, but dont shut them out.

•Keep up with the practice, and the practice will keep you up : ) 

I feel inspired and great, but the teacher in me wants to share this with everyone, so PLEASE, join the Meditation Revolution, or start your own:)



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Stepping Stones

I never thought the day would come, where I as a yoga instructor, would be in front of a camera, doing a dancer pose, or exaulted warrior, and knowing what those even are!

Throughout our practice as yogis, we usually always start out small. Taking small steps that lead us in a direction we believe is the right way.

1rst stone-  To be introduced to the faintest idea of what yoga is.  A class, a pose, maybe even a lifestyle?

2nd stone– To become intrigued and interested in the practice of yoga.

3rd stone– To become aware of your body and the connection with yoga.

4th stone–  Develop your own practice on and off the mat by being kind to yourself and everything around you.

5th, 6th, 7th ,8th 9th, infintieth– learn more everyday, and have patience in doing so.

The nice thing about stepping stones, is that there are always more to find, even if you are stuck on one, the next is just a jump away.


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Now a teacher, always a student

It is official now.  I am a 300 hour  registered yoga instructor and, this is honestly the best accomplishment I have ever done.  It has been a long and wonderful 9 month path to a teaching experience, and a enlightening life choice.

Day one- before     ( thats me in the red hat!)

A group of soon to be yogis, that didnt know much about each other or the practice of yoga, and were brought together and bonded in this special way of learning together.

Last day- After   (again in the same place)

As you can see, teary-eyed and closer than before.  We made a family- a yogi family.   This experience is one I will never forget, and never wish for it to end.  You all have a special place in my heart! < 3

AS I am lining up classes for myself to teach, I am so happy and proud that this time has finally come. One that I have been waiting for years, and possibly my entire life. To teach and keep learning this yogic way of life.   Once you learn the ways, its an ongoing lifetime experience, to keep reading, keep practicing, and keep becoming a better person.

Yes my teacher training is over, and YES 🙂  Im finally an official yoga instructor, but I will always, always and forever be a student.


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Personal Practice


I have been so busy with trying to keep up with my teaching hours, and trying to get as many classes in at one time, that I have skipped out on my own personal practice.  When this happens, I notice my classes that I am teaching are not as centered or focused.

It felt great to get out on my mat again, in the sunshine and asana on!

Summer is here : )   I am ready for all the great adventures it will entail!




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Inner City Yoga


What a great day!   I had attended this last year and it was such fun. It was great to be part of a bigger event that brought happiness, and love to the inner city .   Friends, children and first time yogis joined together at our city’s fountain square to practice yoga in the 90• weather!   Can you say sweaty!  All I wanted to do after this was jump into the ocean after sweating  it out on the mat and really feeling the sunshine down on all of us yogis!

I am so glad to look back and see how far I have come to realize this is my second year to attend this event!  I am glad that my yoga career and new path of lifestyle has blossomed and Im excited to see where it will take me.    Hopeful, Excited, Thankful, Peaceful, Joyful.   All of the above.

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Relaxation is Key

The lifestyle of yoga is to remain calm, and collected. To remain at one with yourself and to be one with your surroundings.   To be passionate and compassionate.   


In order for all of these things to fall into one,  sometimes I need a little relaxation.



These are times, when you can let the sound of your everyday life drown out, and your own song begin to sing loud. 

Simple tips to relax:

Find a quiet space.

Begin to breathe deeply.

Focus on one thing, that may only be your breath.

Let all thoughts go to the side, and they may return to you later. 


There are many other ways to relax. 

We all need to find time in our day to do this, even if there is no time.  

You can close your eyes anywhere, you can breath.  If you can do this, you can relax.



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Day Retreat

Om and thanks, for my first experience with  Acupuncture, Thai Massage and a newly love for reiki.   My studio hosted a Day Retreat, to relax and unwind with  sessions of the therapies listed.   Wow, what a treat.

To top this relaxing, and invigorating day. LUNCH by the famous vegan Chef Mark. ❤

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