Yoga is a lifestyle, and has many choices and lifestyle changes that follow the practice.  A very misconception that people have, I too even thought this for the longest time, that yoga is just a sequence of poses.  It is much more that that, much much more!

Nutrition- FOOD!  

To practice yoga by the way we eat, we simply watch what we eat and choose wisely.  A philosophy of yoga is to do no harm, this includes practicing this on what we eat.  To not eat animals we are doing less harm to those animals.  Making sure your body is getting the right nutrients and vitamins is essential to maintain health.


Eating more plant based foods and foods that come from the earth will do our body good!  We are gaining phyto-chemicals by eating dark and leafy greens, or colorful vibrant fruits and veggies. These can help prevent cancer.  By eating less proccessed foods we are lowering our salt intake and this can help lower blood sugar.  This is doing less harm to our own bodies.   Drinking less soda and decreasing our sugar intake can help our bodies function easier and more effectively without having to do overtime to process that all!


Make sure you are drinking the right amount of water for your body a day!  This helps keeps your body running smoothly and hydrated.   Atleast 8 cups may not be right for you.

Find out how much water you need by going here    Water Calculator 

Stay present in your everyday life! 


Just do something!  Get outside and walk to get your mail, go on a hike, ride your bike. Exercise does not have to mean, go to the gym and get on the hampster wheel for 1 hour.  who really wants to do that?   Find your own way to have fun while keeping healthy!


The people we surround ourselves with, are the ones who can help or harm us.  Friends are very important in everyones life.  In yoga, to be surrounded by the people who share similar interests and beliefs is called practicing “satsung” and this is something that is cherished.   If you are in relationships where it is not serving you in a positive manner, let it go.  Everything that surrounds you, helps shape who you are , but also let yourself, shape your own surroundings!


Its VERY important to de- stress and LET GO from the everyday stressors in our lives.  Yoga just so happens to be one of the very best ways to do that.    Maybe playing music, or exercising helps you. Maybe a nice warm drawn bath or reading a book. Any way that helps you in a healthy manner, go for it!

•Tips For a Quick DE-STRESSOR 

•Sit down

•Start to breath deeply.

•Close the eyes.

Let go of your day.

Simply repeat : LET GO 

Inahle LET   and exhale GO 

This is called a mantra and can be very helpful in times for relaxation.


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