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Revamping my Saturday

My 2nd week at YOUDOYOGA

I am loving this studio and the teachers there.

The classes are always fun, and usually pretty challenging.

My Saturday class was a Vinyasa Flow and it was a little upbeat than most Vinyasa’s that I am use to,but it was a lot of fun.

Amanda is a great teacher and she really lets the students understand what parts they are working and how it will affect different areas. This is uncommon, as some instructors will just tell you were to be, and also to oh yeah…breathe.

You didnt have to tell me to breathe in this class!

My whole body was breathing! Not to mention shaking, from all of the lunged poses.

All in all, I continued my bright and sunny Saturday morning feeling so refreshed and full of energy all though I had just displaced it on my mat.

I am really enjoying the different types of classes at this studio, and thinknig that this is fitting with a little more of my personality than some other studios.

Does it fit my style? We will see, because I am not really sure what that is exactly.


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Tonight I took a Rocket Vinyasa class at Yoga Ah. It was a beginner class so I felt safe in not really knowing what Rocket was.

The class was great, it was very slow paced and only quickened up to show us how the real Rocket is meant to be, which was a great flow too!  I had  a lot of fun, it was a smaller class and Amber, the teacher, was able to show us individually how each pose is suppose to be.

We did a lot of flowing vinyasas.

Which are the typical yoga push ups and downward dogs. We also did backbends and balancing poses,  so not much different than the poses that are usually done in Ashtanga, just the flow is different and not held as much. Rocket vinyasa also targeted abs a little more , which was okay with me!  Mine could use it!

Heres the studio Ive been at!


Its a cool little space and very tranquil so its fitting for the yoga vibe.

There is a little shrine in the corner, and I always glance over at it while in a pose. Its inspiring to know that people are going the distance with yoga, instead of just a dogma or fad to work out and such.

This week will be a little dreadful for me, starting school and i am giving up my beloved bunny :   (   She has chewed through her last wire.

So for Callis sake, I will make up a new yoga pose.  One she did every morning.. she would stretch and yawn.

I will have pictures, no worries.

So get up and stretch! Calli says so!

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Something NEW!

So I just experienced Hot Room Yoga, for the first time.  It was so great!  The room was gradually heated to about 90º and it felt awesome compared to the 40º weather outside. So!  We started out  with some stretches, and just warming our bodies up.  Most of the style was Yin yoga, so it felt alot easier than what i had been doing, the Ashtanga.   So most of the poses I had already known.

Downward Dog, Warrior Poses I II and III , the crow pose, which i still cannot get, but will someday

So some people even extend their legs UP and come into a handstand!!  I KNOW!  its very challenging.

We also did some other triangle stretches and then we did some really cool ones that I cant even remember because I have never done them!  This class was really good.  I felt like I learned a lot and  I wasnt as sweaty as I thought I was going to be! (thankfully)

I liked the flow of the class, and by flow I mean how quickly the poses are being transitioned through, and how well they actually “flow” together. This can make a good yoga class, or unsuccessfully break it. ;/

This was a good flow for tonight. The class was actually taught at the gym that i work at. Revolution Fitness

I would definitely  suggest Hot Yoga to those who have not tired it!  Maybe not for a first time yoga experiencer, but try it!

P.S  I took a Yoga Photo Shoot today with a Friend, Brittney Darfus!  So those pictures will be up soon hopefully!

Stay posted Yoga Travelers!

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I took my second class at Yoga Ah! last night. Yikes my arms are sore today! There was a different instructor that last, she was out sick. This class felt more like a beginners than the last one. I forgot to mention that the room was heated to about 70 degrees, so it was really nice to get out of the chilly night! This class was a bit more flowing than the last as we did a bit more Sun Salutations and more Vinyasa poses .
I am trying to get more pictures to show and make it easier to follow.
We held our downward dog for a little bit longer than the last class, and the yoga push ups killed my arms today!

Nonetheless, I am glad I’m going to these classes and starting to log my experiences.
I WILL have pictures and lots of poses to follow soon : )

GET OUTSIDE!! Before its too cold!

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Ashtanga at Yoga Ah!

Beginners yoga, please!

I attended my first class of the month at Yoga Ah! Studio.
The class was Ashtanga (beginners), thank goodness, and it was good timing! Being so busy I haven’t been able to go to a class for a very long time,so this was much needed. Even just resting my eyes as the class began seemed to be a struggle , that’s how out of the loop I was! Once we started in with the sun salutations, it all came back to me.
” up into yoga push up, and back into downward dog”
“look up to lengthen”  back down”

“Mush” Mush”….

Okay no mushing, but it was very fast paced, and very challenging for an ashtanga beginner.

I was very eager to learn the different styles and flow of ashtanga. Because the pace was fast, i’ll have to keep up next time I go in.    It was a great yoga class for me and I am impressed with the ashtanga practice, on how strong these yogis are. They were very strong, and not budging in their tree pose, as i wobled and “uprooted” a few times. hehe.

All in all I learned that i am not the best at ashtanga, but im not giving up! My next class will be Friday morning. This time I’ll have pictures!


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Yoga Soon!

I have a monthly membership to the yoga studio, Yoga Ah!!!!! I am very eager to start these classes.  My schedule is a little conflicting, so i am waiting for a better time for me to start the monthly membership.  I am very excited for the classes to start and for me to get back into yoga classes!

I will be back with pictures and feedback on how the classes are going!

So stay posted!

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