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TT Day 1

First Day!

Teacher Training was the First Day of the Rest of My Life!

Truly, it was such a great day learning and getting to know everyone, that I will be getting to know very well over the months!

Every Friday I will be sharing 8 wonderful hours learning what I love to do! Who can ask for a better day?

Today we went over the basics and did 1 practice (asana) in the morning and the 2nd practice (asana) in the afternoon.  The first one was basic and the second one was vinyasa flow, with a little heat to it!  Literally for me because I was in the sunny window!

The Tip of the Day:"We can practice yoga 
without actually practicing an asana
 which is the physically poses we do.  
You can practice the lifestyle of breathing 
and encountering peace throughout 
our everyday life and still be 
practicing yoga".
 - Anna Ferguson.

Namaste : )


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