Where You Are

I have had the privilege of taking a short break between my semesters of school, and from an old job to a new job.  What a dream.  Two full weeks to have to myself.  Why did I not plan a vacation or a getaway!   Anyways, it is too late for that so I must make the most of finding new yoga classes, exploring my area of the MidWest and some good old fashion relaxing.

No complaints here.  


This had led me to discover a new series of challenges for myself I’d like to call : Taking You Out of Where You Are, Where You are.   

Which means, finding adventures, new journeys, and surrendering to wanderlust, right in your local town! Finding studios near by that you may have never taken a class from or a park you have never been too.   All to get the same feeling of a zest for life that we get when we travel to an unknown land.

When I think of enlightenment, or seeking a new adventure, I imagine a far away land, with new people and new experiences.   Really, all of this can be a the tip of our fingertips, and all we have to do is walk out of our house, or go across town to find it.

So this marks my new adventure series where I will be taking classes all around town and taking workshops all close by.

Sparing my wallet of a plane ticket, or filling my gas tank up.  Also indulging into my own surroundings to take me out of where I am in my body, mind and soul,  where I am in my own city.



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