Meditation Revolution

As the start of a new practice with meditation is beginning, I feel myself yearning for the special time I set aside every week for my teacher training, that time is precious time that is not so easily made now. 

I signed up for the Meditation Revolution with Yoga Journal, and I am excited to start this.

I have practiced mediation before, and I love love love guided meditations.  There is something so peaceful about getting lost in someones guiding voice.  I just finished the first day of the meditation practice, and it feels great to start this on my own and to be inspired again.

Tips to start your own Mediation Practice:

•Set aside a clear and personal space for you to practice in

•Allow your self time to settle in, and also come out of the meditation. 

•Getting use to not fidgeting is the hardest part. ( Your legs WILL go numb) 

•Allow yourself to think of your thoughts, and not ignore them. Let them go soon enough, and with your breath, but dont shut them out.

•Keep up with the practice, and the practice will keep you up : ) 

I feel inspired and great, but the teacher in me wants to share this with everyone, so PLEASE, join the Meditation Revolution, or start your own:)



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