Now a teacher, always a student

It is official now.  I am a 300 hour  registered yoga instructor and, this is honestly the best accomplishment I have ever done.  It has been a long and wonderful 9 month path to a teaching experience, and a enlightening life choice.

Day one- before     ( thats me in the red hat!)

A group of soon to be yogis, that didnt know much about each other or the practice of yoga, and were brought together and bonded in this special way of learning together.

Last day- After   (again in the same place)

As you can see, teary-eyed and closer than before.  We made a family- a yogi family.   This experience is one I will never forget, and never wish for it to end.  You all have a special place in my heart! < 3

AS I am lining up classes for myself to teach, I am so happy and proud that this time has finally come. One that I have been waiting for years, and possibly my entire life. To teach and keep learning this yogic way of life.   Once you learn the ways, its an ongoing lifetime experience, to keep reading, keep practicing, and keep becoming a better person.

Yes my teacher training is over, and YES 🙂  Im finally an official yoga instructor, but I will always, always and forever be a student.



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3 responses to “Now a teacher, always a student

  1. Congratulations! It’s so rewarding to become a yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching on/off for a year and a half now and am so glad I did it! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations! It’s a big and awesome achievement xx

  3. Congratulations on becoming a certified Yoga teacher! The exciting adventure has just begun! I have been teaching for @9 years and I learn more every day. Enjoy!

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