St. Patricks


Starting off with observing a class  of beginners mind yoga in the studio, I declared this day  St. Practice Day! 

 I love my studio of teacher training, every where you look is a reminder to stay calm and keep a yogic mind.

After class, myself and two friends headed over to the park  to practice teach with each other as students!   We followed a hidden path that lead to the clearing where we taught.  For a minute, I thought we had transcending  into Ireland from all                of the different shades of green we had!

I loved being out in the open field and really taking in all the smells, sounds and breeze that came through!  My friends and I kept sharing how different this was rather  than being indoors, in the studio!  WE LOVED IT!  I was able to teach for at least 45 min which rolled by so fast!  This was the first time for me to teach friends, and I have to say I liked it  a lot more : )

After walking back with the sun setting, I had the best feeling of  feeling exactly where I wanted to be with new friends and new paths : )

Enjoying the day,   It was nice to come home and rest my feet

I hope you have a great weekend : )



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  1. Love it girlie!! (: such a great day!

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