Horses and Wheat Grass

An Adventure If I Do Say So

Today my teacher training group went on an excursion of whole foods and to a horse sanctuary in the making of a animal rescue shelter : )

Taking our tour of Whole Foods, I had my first try of a wheat grass shot!     I have to say, I was expecting a much stronger effect, but none the less, I still had a uplifting experience and felt very energized after taking it!


Wheat Grass





Here I am with the rescued horses!  They were quite muddy, but so eager for attention.  Did you know that a     horse can mimic your heart beat?    Its fascinating really,  I have a love for larger animals like this, giraffes, and well anything tall, but horses are really beautiful creatures and so lively!








Today taught me a lot about compassion and how we should have so much of it in our lives, espically towards animals and one another.   It saddens me to think that these beautiful creatures were saved and rescued from being sent to the slaughter house. These are the lucky ones who lived.  If only we can someday stop consuming animals not only for food, but for other uses as well, then maybe the world would be a peaceful place.    This is not just me dreaming, although its a very far out concept, I truly hope it happens, in my lifetime.

How are you spreading compassion in your life?

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