Downward facing..forks?

In my teacher training classes, we have recently watched the video , Forks over Knives 

This documentary  is very informative and intriguing about modern day America, and our eating habits.   If you havent seen it, and are intersted about food, nutrition and why everyone is so sick… WATCH THIS.  It is really an eye-opening experience.

On note of food and nutrition, our classes have also been introducing everyone to Vegan and Vegetarian ways of cooking!   I am excited to learn these new ideas in the kitchen to take home and use for myself.  Hopefully the boyfriend will appreciate them as well  : )    I love the bright fun colors and fresh taste these foods have!


Being vegan/vegetarian doesn’t mean cutting out the good tasting stuff!

This was one among many good cookbooks that were atop our table,  there is a recipe for a chai latte cupcake that I really want to try!


Today I finally, finally started my  beginners class and it was a short and small class, but it went well : )   I love introducing new students to yoga, and hope they can start something so great for themselves too!

I also practiced my adjustments today:

 *These are great ways to help my students feel the pose in a different, deeper and better way!


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  1. How do you feel about adjustments in a yoga class?

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