How To Find Your Soul Mat

If you practice yoga, you need your own mat


So many colors, styles and sizes!  There are many different types of yoga mats and each one serves a different purpose for each type of yoga. Make sure the mat your buy or have is correct for your body and your yoga practice.  Here are some tips I have picked up that will help me buy my next yoga mat.


There are different sizes of mats according to their thickness and also length, make sure your mat is long enough for you and you’re good. Thickness is a little bit more tricky.

There are different thickness ranging from 1/16inch – 1/2 inch.   The bigger mat and  more cushioned  is for a more gentle practice and for more of a seated practice.   The thinner mats are made to be more gripped and allowing you to feel the ground more.


What is your mat made out of?  Being Yogis, we are usually aware of what harm we do to the earth, trying to minimize this at all cost.  So why shouldnt our mat be this way as well?   Eco-Friendly mats are great for us  earth loving yogis, but are  a little bit more pricey.   Jade Yoga Mats  are what I am leading towards for my next mat.

I have  a tapas/or sticky mat right now. These are great for begginners and are pretty easy on the budget. Gaiam  has a great collection of these.

There are many more styles of mats for yoga and I am still learning a lot of them!


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