Hello, Moksha

What better way to bring in the new year and  first snow of the season?

Moksha Hot Yoga!


This morning was the first snow, that actually stuck, of the season!

Having today off, and also a complimentary visit to Moksha Yoga, I found a class and went!  This was my first time trying Moksha and thankfully, I was advised in advance to  bring the following:

1.) A towel, or two- one to place on top of your mat and one to wipe down with.

2.)  Water bottle with very cold water

3.) A change of clothes, you will need it!

Having all these essentials, I went to class and walking into the studio the gust of humidity was a bit overwhelming but compared to 32 freezing weather outside, I’ll take it!  Also,  I have  never been in such a packed room for a yoga class ,so much the yoga instructor had to place your mat where it fit.

Starting out,everyone was laying down focusing on breathing.  It was hard for me to do that because the air was so thick!

Moving into the first few poses, I knew this would be challenging. As the sweat came rolling in, I really had to really really focus only on my breath, otherwise the heat would get to me and I could feel myself getting a little sick and lightheaded.

I have never sweat so much in my LIFE!  If I would not have had my towel, I would have been slipping right off my mat!   Nearing the end, I could really feel the heat having an impact on my body,  I was tired and sweaty. EWW!   Disregarding the persons foot in front of me almost touching my face (eeekk), I came into savasana “relaxation” and said..”ahhhhhh, finalllyy”.

This was a very tough and mentally challenging class.  If you take this class. Come prepared.

I will say, I loved it at the end and throughout the class, it was not my best friend.

The only critique I have of this class was that the instructor did give time for relaxation but allowed everyone to leave if they wished, which  everyone did leave and then disrupted those who were trying to relax for the final pose.

All in all, it was a great experience!

-Namaste, Mija


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