My Very Own Class

Sunday 13, 2011

I taught my very FIRST, very own yoga class : ))   This was a big day.

The class was Power Yoga and it was held at the rec. center at the University of Cincinnati.

I went over my routine in my head and on the mat about 5 times.  I also had a cheat sheet of the lineup right in front of me.

Walking into the class, I was expecting maybe a total of 10 people and there was atleast 25 students total!!! It was a little intimadating to say the least.

Starting with seating and focus on the breathing, following with

a few sun salutions and balance poses, and 1 hour later, I DID IT!   I taught my very first class, and I have never felt more alive and on top of the world than ever before!

I will be teaching again this sunday and the next sunday and will be listing my routines up here!


P.S  I will also be starting teacher training for my certification TOMORROW!


making my way there,



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One response to “My Very Own Class

  1. Ghia speakman

    Mija! I’m so proud of you! Congrats again. It takes some guts to get up in front of people. So so proud of you.


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