Falling Back

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted.  (insert excuse here)

It is Fall, Autumn, cold temperatures, changing of the leaves, warm cider, falling back with time and daylight savings, and of course YOGA!

I have just purchased a 25 class pass for YOU DO YOGA one of my favorite spots downtown. I cant wait to get started!  I have only been able to make it to a few community classes with free styles of hatha yoga and I am ready to take on a challenge!   This studio,as I have blogged about  before is tough and just what I need to help me start my teacher traning…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S  I start my teacher training  in a WEEK at Cincinnati State, World Peace Yoga!  Im so stoked!

I will be sure to update the blog with what I will be learning each day!   I am very excited that this moment is FINALLY FINALLY here. It has been a long time waiting and I am very much ready for everything to fall into place!





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