Crane, Arm, Headstand!

This morning, I finally made it into my first headstand!

In the community class at You Do Yoga, I was sweating off my mat working into these new poses!

With the help of the wall behind me , more for mental support that I wasn’t going to topple over, I followed these quick steps.

Step 1  I interlaced my hands behind my head.

Step 2    I walked my legs up close to my head

Step 3   Using my core I lifted my legs up bringing my knees into my chest

Step 4   I  lfited my hips and shot my legs straight up into the AIR!

This was a great relief after I had attempted this pose MANY MANY times before and had no luck..   I believe that I was able to do this pose because this class was very strengthening and also very tough!  While my core and legs were already so engaged I felt it was easy to lift using my abs and core more so than ever!

Here are a few more poses that I conqured this morning!

Picture credit goes to Yoga Journal for their great pose instructions!

Top (  Eight Angle Pose )   This one I can’t say that I masterd it, but

I did hold it for at least one second, so its a work in progress!

Right (  Crane )  I can say that I held it for more than one second!


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