Burnet Woods

!-!-!-! Yoga in the Woods!-!-!-!


This morning, World Peace Yoga held a community class in the park of Burnet Woods. This class was a great escape from the everyday yoga studio. Its a great feeling to be outside and to also have the bliss of yoga to add on to it!

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I am trying to fill my schedule up with as much yoga as possible!

I would say that I love to do yoga outside maybe even more than inside, because well who doesn’t like to be outside to do anything?

The type of yoga we did today was very basic and beginners. Its usually the same throughout the “Free Yoga in Burnett Woods” sequence.

Id say that even if it is the same practice of yoga that you are doing everyday. This is better than none.  I have the urge to switch my sequence up , a lot, so this may be a bit challenging for me.

I noticed today that when I wasn’t breathing deeply in my stretching and poses, that I was thinking more about negative aspects and when I began to breathe the slipped away.   This to me became the number one thing I focused on.   You will notice that MANY yoga instrutors, if not all, will focus on breathing. This is why!


Namaste to all and to all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! WOO : D




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