Super Sunday!

This Sunday was an eventful day full of sunshine, sunburns, yoga, bike rides, and art!

Today was the Yogic Takeover at Fountain Square! It was all day and had a full schedule of yoga and other cool events like belly dancing, drumming, and laughter yoga, which I have never taken but it looks rather hilarious.. pun intended!

Photo Cred: Anna Ferguson of World Peace Studio 

For those of you in the Midwest region, I’m sure you are sick of the rain just as well as I am, so today was a wonderful escape from the swamp-o-land that  this weather has been creating.

While figuring a way to ride the bikes down our ginourmous hills in my little area. Nicholas and I decided to drive into town to spare ourselves from the walk back up the traitorous hills.  Riding over to the square, I see atleast 100 people all layed out on their mats and it was awesome!  So great to see so many Yogi’s in the same place!

I jumped right in and followed along with the routine.  They had loud speakers so everyone could hear, which helped so I wasn’t playing telephone pose with my neighbor who may or may not be doing it right!

Shoulder stand was my favorite to do outside, looking up at my feet which had created a silhouette against the sky!  It was a very cool image.  Being so use to seeing the inside or the ceiling of a yoga studio, the open air and breeze and especially the sunshine glowing was perfect!

Thanks to World Peace Yoga&Motion Studio for making this happen!

This weekend has been extra magnificent and I can’t wait for more outside adventures!


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