Be a Snail!

Snail, Yoga Push Ups, Childs Pose!
These are just some of the poses I did tonight @ You Do Yoga!
It was a good class, not to many people. A few I have recognized from other classes before.
Yoga is so perfect when you get off of work and need a jump into your relaxation for the evening.
If this sounds good to you, I would suggest trying a Yin Yoga Class.
The poses that are done in a Yin Yoga class are to lengthen and stretch out the muscles for longer than normal. The poses are not to extreme compared to other styles. For example one pose like the forward bend is held for 3-5 minutes. You are simply leaning over your legs and maybe bending the knees to feel the stretch through the back.
Im sure you can see how this would be relaxing because you are not worrying about getting the poses right, and more so aware of how your body is feeling.
The Snail– putting your legs behind and over your head so you feet are over your head. 
So you get the idea right!!?
What a stretch for the back!
This one was suggested to do before sleeping at night, for better rest.     :- )
Hopefully the rain clears up pretty soon! Id like to see the sun again, and it always makes walking to the yoga studio that much more enjoyable!

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