Revamping my Saturday

My 2nd week at YOUDOYOGA

I am loving this studio and the teachers there.

The classes are always fun, and usually pretty challenging.

My Saturday class was a Vinyasa Flow and it was a little upbeat than most Vinyasa’s that I am use to,but it was a lot of fun.

Amanda is a great teacher and she really lets the students understand what parts they are working and how it will affect different areas. This is uncommon, as some instructors will just tell you were to be, and also to oh yeah…breathe.

You didnt have to tell me to breathe in this class!

My whole body was breathing! Not to mention shaking, from all of the lunged poses.

All in all, I continued my bright and sunny Saturday morning feeling so refreshed and full of energy all though I had just displaced it on my mat.

I am really enjoying the different types of classes at this studio, and thinknig that this is fitting with a little more of my personality than some other studios.

Does it fit my style? We will see, because I am not really sure what that is exactly.


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