Spring is Here

Yin Yoga is a new style of yoga that I have just recently  tried.  It has changed my views on yoga completely, according to the traditional poses and flow.  When I use to think of a yoga class, I would picture the students moving gradually in and out of the poses with gracious flow.  Yin yoga is something much different.   In Yin Yoga, the poses are held for about 3-5 minutes each and they are much less rigorous poses and more of stretching poses.   Although the poses are less rigorous, there is still a great challenge to hold them for that long. As my feet and legs start to tingle, when I come out of the pose my limbs and not just my muscles feel EXTRA elongated!

I was able to have a one on one personal class, with just the instructor and I . This was a treasure, because I was able to discuss and relate my personal situation to the class.

Amanda, the instructor taught me that in Yin Yoga, the joints and connective tissues are stretched, not just the exterior muscles.  Also when your muscles are relaxed it is better for the stretch rather than if you were to flex them. I really liked how at this studio they really pushed anatomy.  Most of the teacher trainings don’t focus as much on this subject, so it was a great piece of information to learn.  To assume that everyone is the same, and should pose in the same way is somewhat naive.

Everyone Is Different!

Today kicked off my month pass to You Do Yoga downtown!
So I am excited to see what these classes bring!

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