Stems are pushing through the ground and the sun has finally come back around.


Its almost here, I can smell it in the air.

I have been wamped with school work, and every other kind of work I have been lacking with yoga.

Maybe it was this crumby weekend, with all rain, all rain that kept me inside.

I did get to go on a wonderful walk with my wonderful boy around my neighborhood, exploring the history

and old abandoned buildings. Also, my favorite parts where noticing the flowers that are coming back up!

Nothing is more reassuring than the color green sprinkled throughoutthe winter grays.

I also discovered a park that had trees dedicated to each president, which was pretty cool!

Despite all this fun, I did not attempt to go to a yoga class, and am somewhat sad about it.

Next weekend I am forcing myself to go! Hopefully it will be nicer, because that always lifts my spirits to get out and move!
FREEdom Yoga at World Peace, and also the LuLu Lemon community class! Saturday Morn.

Go out and find the new flowers and greenery thats popping up around you!


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