Today was an at home yoga kind of day. Grey skies and cold weather just leaves me inside. Might as well make the most of it.

I did venture out today, up to the local coffee shop, Bowtie Cafe, where the coffee is too sweet and the barista’s are too loud. Therefore headed home to do some yoga.

I did a little more than usual this  afternoon!

Started out with my sun salutations.

Forward bend,

Then raising the hands over head.

Then to Downward Dog and back to Childs pose. From there I lifted up into yoga push up, or plank and repeated maybe 3 times. From there  Warrior 1 & 2.  From there I did one leg Downward Dog to Piegon Pose.  Triangle Pose and then Eagle Pose  Then I did a shoulder stand and had fun with it!

If you cant have fun with the poses, you wont ever learn from them!

Feeling a bit refreshed, but still missing the sunshine and warm weather : (



I have had 4 or 5 grapefruits just sitting around my  kitchen waiting to be eaten.  I finally looked up a reciepe today for them and found that if you add  Sugar and Cinnamon and a little Honey and broil them in the oven for about 2-3 minutes. YUM, they are delicious!

Eating them is a greater challenge… Spoon? No, fork?  ahh damnit. Wheres the spork when you need one!




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