Warming Up

Todays not so sunny, but warmer weather has me in lighter spirits. As Im shedding the coat and winter scarfs I feel more inclined to get back into a yoga schedule. So on the list for tonight  is Hot Yoga so I can get even warmer than it is outside!

For those of you who are experiencing the sun and pacific tempatures, you are probably noticing that everyone is coming out of their shell for spring!

My neighborhood is flocking with runners and dog walkers and something not so oridinary..barefoot runners? Being barefoot is something I enjoy very much so! Theres nothing more like summer than to take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath you, but this is becoming quite a trend!

To be able to run barefoot is connecting you with the ground and I guess has beneficial traning techniques that allow you to use different muscles wearing shoes would restrict. I just find it very painful to run without them.  I have also seen the ever growing popular Vibrams that look like gloves for your feet. If I were a bear foot runner, I would look into those!

Another type of shoe sock is this newly invented ZEM shoe, which looks alot like a sock and very comfortable!

http://www.zemblog.com/ —-is where you can find these hip toe shoes!

Another place you can find this trend catching on is the yoga room..which doesnt make sense to me because you are supposed to be barefoot while doing yoga.

Dont be fooled these are not gloves! Well sorta kinda, but for your feet!

Your skin on the bottom of your feet is hardy enough to not let you slip when doing those tricky  poses, so it seems as if socks are just a burden?  Fashion wise, they could be a fad, but lets just ditch the socks for yoga, people leave the shoes for when you need them!


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  1. thanks for visiting my lil’ blog and leaving a comment. i would love a sequence from you… it’s certainly not a requirement that you be a yoga instructor. send one along at thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com. lovely blog here! i like that you used a scroll bar to make an announcement 🙂 very anticipatory!

    looking forward to it!


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