World Peace

Saturday I attended the Freedom Yoga at World Peace Yoga Studio. It is such a great community there, its more than yoga.

When you come here, you can feel the charisma flowing through the air. With so many events being held that are great for the community it makes you feel part of something good, something of change.


The class was a little different, I believe the Freedom classes are taught by new up and coming students that are becoming teachers.  So even though the class was very slow placed, it was still very relaxing.  Struggling with being sick and having so much stress, I couldn’t have asked for a better class.

The vibe at In Gratidue & Motion or (World Peace) is very different than most other studios.

I feel that it is very authentic and very uplifting because these people are on a mission. A mission to change the world ,and they will be sure to tell you how they feel.

I listened to my instructor tell us about his friends who lived in a tree for two years. How she was strong and dedicated to her tree to not be cut down. Inspiring and all, this story took me out of my yoga transe and i just became interested in the story!

Nevertheless, this was very moving to see that people can be so rooted to the earth that they will change their life to save it.

I am very excited to be taught by the owner of this studio.

Needless to say I will be learning ALOT!


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