Cup of Tea

Phew its the weekend.

This week has been very stressful, as it was finals week.  I am glad to say that I now have a week off!

Hopefully I will be able to fit as much yoga as I can into this little week off of school, but I also just need some me time.

You know the kind of time where you re arrange your closet, and read a book. Maybe do some online browsing and go for a walk or something.  This kind of time is the time I adore. There nothing more enjoyable then coming home and making a nice hot cup of tea and jumping into a book.  Me + tea+ book+down comforter = comfort zone!

This year has kind of had its ups and downs for me ,but alas I will not give up on trying to do more yoga.

My father passed away on Tuesday, and despite our relationship that we had, I am still sad and still mourning a little.

I dont think Yoga could help me more right now.

I just need to do it, I need to commit to a time and place and just go!

Theres so many other things on my to do list. But I think we all need to RE PRIORITIZE our to do list with what will help us first and then do all the others last.

I know my To Do Lists will never end, my whole life is a To Do List. …

anyways I hope everyone is staying warm.

Tomorrow I am going to an 11:00 yoga community class @ World Peace Studio on Ludlow.

So this will start me on the right track.

Thanks to all my friends and loves for the support they have handed out to me.

Life is hard sometimes, and thats why we have friends and especially yoga


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