Last night was a HUGE ( 10 minute) snow storm , and everyone was in panic!

The roads were bad and I was stuck at work, luckily there was a Hot Yoga class starting at 7.

I work at a gym, if i havent mentioned, for a chiropractor. So one of the awesome perks is I can take yoga classes there!  (WooHoo)  So being I get out of work at 6:30, it was only natural I take this class!

Im glad I did!, The class was great. Hot Yoga, which Im starting to really like. Its tough and getting past the sweaty-ness of it  is a little rough, but afterwards I always feel so refreshed, not to mention COLD when I walk to my car!   The instructor was great, leading us through our posing which all lead into each other very well.

But I have an annoucment to make!!!:  I mastered the crow pose that I have been trying so hard to get!  : ) : )

So conquering this pose, made me feel alot better about myself and about the class.

Im really excited to also mention that I may have my first encounter with a little yoga teaching. My friends would love for me to come and teach a little yoga class, personally for them and I cant wait!

This will be my first time with a little bit of a group!

So stay tuned, I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes !!

Stay warm Everyone!




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