Power Yoga Eve

Its NYE  , NEW YEARS EVE and its 65 º  :))   wowsa?  yes.   Its December 31rst and its nearly spring weather.Not to uncommon for Ohio weather, so i’ll take the blessing.

This morning I decided to go to a hot power yoga class and what an eventful morning/afternoon it has been.

So while the class was great, and very very very hard. I was sweating my bum off trying to figure into these new poses i had never done before. I was a little impressed with myself that I made it through the whole class.

It was about 85 º in the room, hince the name HOT yoga, and to add on power, gave it a whole other level that i had never experienced.

In the middle of our core poses, I almost passed out. Gasping for breath, I centered myself with the help of our instructor. Missy helped everyone remember to breath and to keep grounded.  The breathing helped as well as slowing down into triangle poses.   The flow was much more rigourous than regular yoga flows. It was extreme.

To keep my self from slipping right off the mat, a towel was much needed. Water also helped when at times i felt a little queerish.

Legs shaking, and breath barely taking, this was one of the most intense yoga routines I had ever experienced.  So after the hour class, I headed out feeling refreshed and very tired, after all I had just gave an arm and a leg to leave behind in the studio.

I walked out of the studio, to only find out that my car had been……………..TOWED!

NO!!!!!!! Almost feeling amused, that only something so bad would happen to me after working so hard to achieve feeling so great  : /

I broke down. I cried in the middle of a “private” parking lot. Well Id like to kick someone who called the towing company in their private…..anyways. Got that all settled out and do not regret taking the class, but the total cost of the class was  over $100 including parking.    WAHHHHH

So being so gut instinctual , Im not sure if I will be returning anytime soon, atleast driving there.

All in all , it was a great class. Very Challenging. Very Motivational and Very Sweaty.



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