Tonight I took a Rocket Vinyasa class at Yoga Ah. It was a beginner class so I felt safe in not really knowing what Rocket was.

The class was great, it was very slow paced and only quickened up to show us how the real Rocket is meant to be, which was a great flow too!  I had  a lot of fun, it was a smaller class and Amber, the teacher, was able to show us individually how each pose is suppose to be.

We did a lot of flowing vinyasas.

Which are the typical yoga push ups and downward dogs. We also did backbends and balancing poses,  so not much different than the poses that are usually done in Ashtanga, just the flow is different and not held as much. Rocket vinyasa also targeted abs a little more , which was okay with me!  Mine could use it!

Heres the studio Ive been at!


Its a cool little space and very tranquil so its fitting for the yoga vibe.

There is a little shrine in the corner, and I always glance over at it while in a pose. Its inspiring to know that people are going the distance with yoga, instead of just a dogma or fad to work out and such.

This week will be a little dreadful for me, starting school and i am giving up my beloved bunny :   (   She has chewed through her last wire.

So for Callis sake, I will make up a new yoga pose.  One she did every morning.. she would stretch and yawn.

I will have pictures, no worries.

So get up and stretch! Calli says so!


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