Chi-town Chakras

I just got back from the Windy City and a romantic get away. It was me and my boyfriends one year anniversary! yay. It was a blast walking through the city and just being away from everything! Anyways, I was surprised on how many yoga studios i did NOT see. 😦 Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough or maybe I wasn’t in the right places. The only thing that I saw close to a yoga studio was a “Spiritual Spa” with Chakras. It was on a second story building on the Magnificent Mile. So maybe in this Spiritual Spa you could do some yoga while getting a pedi?

Kidding, I was curious on what type of practice goes on in a spiritual spa. I guess your mind takes the day being pampered!
It feels good to be back and home for the week.
A stressful week is ahead of me.

Maybe I should have made an appointment at the Spiritual Spa for myself after this week is through, I’ll need it!

For those of you who dont know what chakras are, join the club, but I have had some explinations so heres a rendition of one of those meanings.

Chakras are the 7 points on a body where the energy of our bodies flow in and out of. They are the centers or hubs of all of the energy flowing throughout our body.  You may have felt a feeling of one of your chakras if you have ever had a gut rentching feeling, or the feeling when heart suddenly feels in your thoart. This is an energy pathway to one of your chakras!  The 7 chakras are the following:

Your pelvic area, your lower stomach, right below your heart, your heart ,throat, brow(third eye) and the top of your head.

Here is a link to a cool blog with a picture!


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