Something NEW!

So I just experienced Hot Room Yoga, for the first time.  It was so great!  The room was gradually heated to about 90º and it felt awesome compared to the 40º weather outside. So!  We started out  with some stretches, and just warming our bodies up.  Most of the style was Yin yoga, so it felt alot easier than what i had been doing, the Ashtanga.   So most of the poses I had already known.

Downward Dog, Warrior Poses I II and III , the crow pose, which i still cannot get, but will someday

So some people even extend their legs UP and come into a handstand!!  I KNOW!  its very challenging.

We also did some other triangle stretches and then we did some really cool ones that I cant even remember because I have never done them!  This class was really good.  I felt like I learned a lot and  I wasnt as sweaty as I thought I was going to be! (thankfully)

I liked the flow of the class, and by flow I mean how quickly the poses are being transitioned through, and how well they actually “flow” together. This can make a good yoga class, or unsuccessfully break it. ;/

This was a good flow for tonight. The class was actually taught at the gym that i work at. Revolution Fitness

I would definitely  suggest Hot Yoga to those who have not tired it!  Maybe not for a first time yoga experiencer, but try it!

P.S  I took a Yoga Photo Shoot today with a Friend, Brittney Darfus!  So those pictures will be up soon hopefully!

Stay posted Yoga Travelers!


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  1. I like that you try all kinds of yoga. I tend to do the same. Hot yoga can be so nice in the winter when you haven’t had the chance to really sweat that much!

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