Seasongood Pavilion

What a beautiful day!

I went on a walk this morning and brought my yoga mat with me. Walking towards Eden Park there is an amphitheater that is a beautiful right now with all of the trees different colors. So engulfed in all of these colors of fall, I decided this place would be great to do a quick yoga session. I put down my mat, on a level place and began!


Starting with some of the same poses and a routine much like the ones we have been doing at Yoga Ah!

So some sun salutations


After those I did a couple triangle poses , one on each side of the legs

I sat down and then started some sage twists where you are stretching out your hips and legs.

Towards the end I just lied down for a second and gazed up into the colorful sky.

Outside yoga is so great! When they say “gaze towards the sky” in yoga classes, I always think to myself “its a ceiling people, but okay.    This time it was the real deal when i said it to myself!


Yoga is a great way to better yourself when times are hard or stressful.  Of course its good to exercise, so this is a gentle way to move your body and still feel the effects afterwards!



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