Break Break Break!

I am officially on my “break” from classes, which is just a break between my quarters. This time will allow me to catch up on my yoga, and RELAX. I am hoping to travel back into Yoga Ah! and get into some classes this week. Being so busy with finals last week I was only able to go just that one class. While having a little bit of free time at home, I brought out my mat and did a little yoga myself. It was a bit harder to stay focused and not think of all the things I had to do. Going to a studio almost relieves me of those thoughts. Or atleast while I’m in there at least! Most of the poses that I did were some that we did at Yoga Ah in the Ashtanga class.

I started out with the sun salutations like in my class ,so  starting standing up I collected my breath.
Steadying that I started the following:

Forward Bend,
Yoga Push Up
Downward Dog
back to the top of the mat
Forward Bend again
and back up reaching arms over head and breathing in.

After about 5 cycles of this I go into warrior pose:
Lunging and putting your arms straight out, looking over your one hand and the other hand behind you making a T

From warrior pose i stretch into triangle stretches and from there i come down for a pigeon pose stretching out my hips.
This one is great for a deep hip stretch. Here is a link to a picture of it.Piegon Pose

You can find this routine here! (try it : ) )  Its EASY PEASY

Even at home, I still felt like it was a good yoga routine, but not the same, of course,as a class in a studio.

So feel free! Start out stretching and follow some tips, before you know it, you will be doing YOGA!


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