Ashtanga at Yoga Ah!

Beginners yoga, please!

I attended my first class of the month at Yoga Ah! Studio.
The class was Ashtanga (beginners), thank goodness, and it was good timing! Being so busy I haven’t been able to go to a class for a very long time,so this was much needed. Even just resting my eyes as the class began seemed to be a struggle , that’s how out of the loop I was! Once we started in with the sun salutations, it all came back to me.
” up into yoga push up, and back into downward dog”
“look up to lengthen”  back down”

“Mush” Mush”….

Okay no mushing, but it was very fast paced, and very challenging for an ashtanga beginner.

I was very eager to learn the different styles and flow of ashtanga. Because the pace was fast, i’ll have to keep up next time I go in.    It was a great yoga class for me and I am impressed with the ashtanga practice, on how strong these yogis are. They were very strong, and not budging in their tree pose, as i wobled and “uprooted” a few times. hehe.

All in all I learned that i am not the best at ashtanga, but im not giving up! My next class will be Friday morning. This time I’ll have pictures!



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