Today I learned new techniques of breathing, called Prana-Yama. Prana, meaning breath and Yama– meaning control. They are old techniques used by many yogis years ago all over the world. These fundamental breathing techniques are good for me to learn if I am wanting to become a yoga instructor! There was one exercise, alternate nostril breathing, and it was super intriguing! I found that doing the alternate nostril breathing was very very relaxing and i felt myself really centering, and feeling almost refreshed.

How To: Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • By exhaling fully and placing your finger on your right nostril, covering it, you inhale fully
  • At the point of your inhale, you switch sides and place your finger covering your left nostril, and exhale.
  • Breathing in again through the same nostril without switching.
  • Only switching nostrils at the peak of your inhale!

Another type of breathing exercise was one , and i’m not sure of the name, but it was quick short exhalations. Almost like you were blowing out a candle that wouldn’t go out! It was very fast paced and I found that exercise to really waken my breathing up, and alert me. Something i would suggest for maybe a morning energy boost! These breathing styles will take some getting use to, but for the most part seem to be very helpful!




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