My first experience with meditation!

I am taking a mediation class at Cincinnati State, where I’m going to college at, and it is very interesting! Its my first class, bright and early at 9 am. The teacher is Matt Eshleman  who is also the co owner of YouDoYoga, which is a yoga studio downtown Cincinnati on Main Street. I am hoping to take classes there soon!

Anyways, onward with the meditation! So with my first few experiences in the mediation class, it was very relaxing, but i wasn’t sure if i was doing it right. Or if i was doing anything at all! One of my friends that i work with was so nice to make me a mediation cd by Kelly Howell, who  is the founder of Brain sync, a self help audio program. I thought why not, and took a listen! Sitting down and releasing all of the day’s stresses was such a relief! This brain sync took me far away to a wonderful spring covered mountain, as Kelly talks about envisioning these wonderlands.  Let me tell you, this was a great place for my mind to go after  a long day !  Maybe it will help out in my class!

I’ll have to thank my friend again!


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  1. Ghia

    Pretty cool girlie! This will be great for you!

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